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Human Relations in Permaculture Design

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We will discuss the challenges to our willingness to share, live and work together etc. And how these challenges affect the long-term success of our designs. What really makes us humans fully thrive, besides a fully stocked critter roaming food forest? - the fulfillment of our vast array of needs .... and most of them concern the human connection. Do the definitions and boundaries of our common day relationships properly serve our natural purpose here? If we are willing to design plants, animals, and other structures into a permanent culture, why not humans. We will discuss how relationships work in hunter-gatherer tribes and in the different communities where I and other participants have lived. Nordic history and ancient culture are however of greatest interest in designing in Nordic lands and we will go into that as well.

Drawing a lifetime of experience at settings such as "Ting," American Rainbow, living in communities since birth, and resources as varied as the works of Gunnel and Goran Liljenroth into ancient Nordic tribal culture, the Needs Inventory amassed by the Center for Non-Violent Communication, and "Sex at Dawn" - a scientific journey   into every aspect of hunter-gatherer society that can shed light on our natural way of relating  

Open discussion.


John Lindquist  will lead this workshop.