Creating communities that care


Permavillage is a platform of ideas to build villages, it is a solution oriented approach to counter rural depopulation, global warming, poverty and despair. The name comes from Permanent village as we have researched and villages are a great size of settlement for multiple reasons. 

In the beginning we work with permaculture and ecovillage design methods to build on a strong foundation as these have proven to work.

We split the development based on the four pillars of ecovillage design: Ecological, economical, social and spiritual. At the moment we are focusing on ecological production with economical benefits as villages are not stable without grounding them self within ecology and having economical safety. But without the social and spiritual then we are but simple creatures so we will always give that the space it needs. 


Communities that care

The main problem Permavillage is countering is how people have disconnected from nature, their own nature and the nature in their environment. We aim to create caring communities where people can be themself and they are a living part of nature.


Permavillage development

This is the name of the company that develops solutions for the Permavillage platform and acts as the hands of Permavillage. Permavillage development develops ecological solutions with economical benefits, takes care of finances for Permavillage education and designs the Permavillage centers where they then operate from.

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Permavillage education

We teach permaculture and community building courses. We have had multiple courses in Iceland and will expand our network vastly in the next two years. Permavillage education is also developing ways to utilize funding options for other organizations and groups that are teaching similar topics.

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Permavillage centers

Our centers focus on housing the projects which are under the hat of Permavillage. Developing ecological production, learning, sharing community spirit and creating a better future.

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