Are you ready for an unique experience building up community spirit, fertility in barren land and amazing setting for ceremonies that create joy?

There will be five volunteer crews and they will interact on many levels. The groups are the building, land, nourishment, art and organization crew.

Building crew

Responsible for setting up compost toilets, workshop environments, event areas, wind brakes raised grow beds structures and innovative building projects based on the groups skills.

Land crew

Responsible for making paths, compost, raised beds, hugelculture grow beds, big burms, herbal gardens and innovative projects based on the skills of people in the group.


Responsible for keeping up the strength of all groups, food preparation, snacks, work group events and fun projects they want to make happen.

Art crew

Responsible for adding magical beauty to the environment that we work with and keeping spirits high. Painting and innovative ways to make recycled material pretty and inspiring.

Organization crew

Responsible for information flow, interaction with authorities, design, sourcing resources, arranging logistics and coming up with new ways of improving the location.
It is possible to shift between crews and this might be taken very loosely.



We need to set up raised pallet beds, branch-up (branches and soil in a specific form), make paths, paint our wood, clean up, set up a yurt, art up the place, set up a sweat lodge, smile, arrange a ceremonial area, cook food, make potions from local plants, forage food in the shore, build temporary buildings, make everything pretty with your expressive art, dance because we want to, organise events, record everything, present ourselfs to the world and more.

Living conditions

We can only offer shelter from the elements in our shelters that hold rain and wind away.
There are plenty of mattresses and we can build beds in the shelter for increased comfort.
We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also dumpster dive but offer that as extra luxury and is always optional and never part of the common food except as extra dishes. Last year the crew loved scavanging food so now it becomes a volunteer run project.
There is only one electric generator and we rarely start it, we are however a short way from the town and have some battery banks to share for phones.

This is mostly an offgrid experience and there is no intention of changing that in the coming years. If you want to connect to nature and learn how to utilize materials in a new way then we are a great place to be.
We will try our best to make everyone comfortable but we are funded by one mans disability check the last years but launching a crowd fund to improve our infrastructure for volunteers and improved living on site: https://www.karolinafund.com/project/view/2106


It is fairly easy to get a bus from the nearest town which is about 2.5 km away, from there it is easy to get to the major sites in south Iceland which are unique.
We recommend checking out the hotsprings in Hveradalur and Hrunalaug by Flúðir. We usually go there a few times each summer and sometimes with our brother project Spirit farm.
There are also amazing caves in the area but people should take extreme care as they can be very dangerous as the rocks are sharp, slippery and no one will hear a scream there. There are some tour guides that frequent our projects so we can leave messages for them regarding specifics if you are interested.
Last year we got free access for all our volunteers to the swimming pool and that is likely to also be the case this year but hasn't been confirmed.

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