There will be five volunteer crews and they will interact on many levels

The groups are the building, land, nourishment, art and organization crew.

Together we will build up an amazing festival area from bare lava rock and moss. There will be active community building within and between the crews and high emphasis of enjoying life while making great things happen. This is an lifetime opportunity to build something amazing from scratch which will keep growing for years to come.

Building crew

Responsible for setting up compost toilets, workshop environments, event areas, wind brakes raised grow beds structures and innovative building projects based on the groups skills.

Land crew

Responsible for making paths, compost, raised beds, hugelculture grow beds, big burms, herbal gardens and innovative projects based on the skills of people in the group.


Responsible for keeping up the strength of all groups, food preparation, snacks, work group events and fun projects they want to make happen.

Art crew

Responsible for adding magical beauty to the environment that we work with and keeping spirits high. Painting and innovative ways to make recycled material pretty and inspiring.

Organization crew

Responsible for information flow, interaction with authorities, design, sourcing resources, arranging logistics and coming up with new ways of improving the location.

We want three different groups of volunteers

Preppers / Mycelium

Arrive at least 3 weeks before the festival, these volunteers take full part in the preparation of the land, buildings and magic that turns a desolate land into an amazing festival setting. 
The preppers teach participants on the NPF about certain tasks and can after that enjoy the festival free from responsibility. They get training in varied methods depending on their group of volunteering.
Available time to volunteer within: 15 may- 24 July 


The Starters / Legumes

Arrive 10 days before the festival, these volunteers come in to make the finishing touches, beautification and changing the area from a work area to a festival and community space. 
Starters volunteer 4 hours per day when the NPF has started and have specific tasks based on what needs doing and their skills/longings.


Activaters / Cover crop

Start 2 days before the festival (18th of July), volunteering involves teaching participants how to interact with the environment, showing how everything functions and taking part in what ever needs doing at that time.
This group works 6 hours per day in two shifts. 

What we can offer volunteers:

  • Tenting options in town or at the festival area

  • Food the whole time

  • Practical learning opportunities

Questions for Volunteers

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