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  • Sandar Suðursins (map)

This July we are hosting the festival “Athöfn”.

Athöfn has two meanings in Icelandic; action and ceremony. It is an 4-day festival with action-based learning, ceremonies and co-created action supported by the festival organizers. The area is off-grid and has close to no vegetation. We will turn this barren wasteland into a brilliant festival area like we did last year when we hosted the Nordic Permaculture Festival. Festival participants take part in increasing the biodiversity of the area, creating healthy social dynamics and taking part in forming a movement that cares for its social and natural environment.

Examples of actions

Building raised grow beds from pallets, setting up mounds to create fertility, foraging herbs in the sand, beachcombing, making charcoal, improving event spaces, setting up and using our outdoor exercise area.


Cacao flowing all over with meditation, dance, chanting and more. Fire, sharing, music and what people agree to set up together.

The festival will take place from July 26th - 29th. The entrance fee is 11.000 isk. There is a Athöfn theme week before the festival, those who take part three days or more only need to pay a fee of 1.100 isk to take part in the festival as they will be part of the community spirit by then.