Sandar Suðursins is part of a 4620 ha forestry project in a sand and lava desert, we are sharing our permaculture knowledge to give tools to others to heal this land. We also hope that the other groups helping this forest use our facilities as we welcome them without fees and hope they get inspired. Our focus is on creating fertility in the area, we have access to woodchips, compost, transport pallets and more organic materials in massive amounts. We can pick up miscellaneous building wood and other materials that are thrown out in the nearby towns. What we need is people who can share their knowledge on site for everyone to take action on them."

In the summer of 2019 the focus will be on building raised pallet beds which break down over time in nature. By selecting plants for them they are part of creating micro climates with plants that grab the small fertile areas and improve them.

We will make charcoal in barrels from wooden materials that the recycling/disposal companies do not have good solutions for.
Improving and adding art to the camp site is also important, we work with the theme of Huldufólk or Hidden people. These are mythical beings that live in rocks in Iceland, they are unseen by most but those who have been allowed to see inside their buildings say that they are very color and cheerful. We want to be invisible from the roads but once you enter it is color and cheerful.