Mörður G.ott

Mörður G.ott or Moli is the vision manager and team guide. He has vast knowledge in Permaculture, community design and how to make things happen. He has a powerful eye to realize people’s potentials and is a supportive person, helping others in their growth. Prepared to sacrifice his mind and body, to give everything to support a heartfelt change in the world. The idea of Permavillage came to him in what could be described as the worst phase of his life, he was at the brink of death or insanity when he realized: “Whatever I would do in life would have to be worth the pain, so I figured out that developing Permavillage would be worth my pain because of its benefit for people trying to create a better world”. The first thing he did was to change sides: “I was on the wrong side of the society, I was part of a sick society”. Moli sought solutions to societies problems and found them all over but how to figure out which ones to use? His mission is now to put those solutions together and combine them into what the crew are developing as Permavillage.


You can support Moli by becoming a patron on his Patreon crowd fund, there patrons choose which projects he puts the resources and energy to.
Link: https://www.patreon.com/Moli


Catarina xavier

Catarina Xavier or Kata is in charge of visual identity and dream development. She is a product designer from Brazil. She crossed Moli’s way when leaving Norway where Moli lived at that time. They both had a lot of common and amazing connections, they share a view of how the future can be and work on making it come true. When they met she was realizing the transforming power that she had, she was shifting mindsets from architectural studies to product design where she entered learned a new approach to using materials, techniques and started to be more aware of the connections between. Kata was learning about the destructive way society is set up and wanted to heal the planet, not destroy it. She realized that she was free to design and change, but she couldn’t heal the world alone, so when Moli told her about the dream of Permavillage, she immediately says “yes” and became a part of the solutions tool that it is at its core. She is using all her knowledge, time and strength to make it work, to give Moli’s initial idea a shape and an identity.


narayani Luanni

Narayani or “Nara” is the social media manager for Permavillage. Gratuated as a fashion designer, she specialized herself in marketing, works with social media and visual merchandising. She was in a self- discovery journey when Kata and Moli introduced her to Permavillage. It was the universe’s answer to her calls. A self-starter person and Jung’s lover, her mission is help people find their own light and make peace with their own darkness, restoring through this process the natural balance.

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Auður Ingibjörg Ottesen

Auður is Permavillages most active supporter and has been for years. She has co-organized events with us, set up turf growbeds, the outdoor kitchen and brings a lot of life to our camp in Iceland both with a fun attitude and plenty of plants. She has been part of Permavillage from the very start, financially supporting the work and a trusted advisor on multiple topics we work on.

There is no doubt that Permavillage couldn’t not have developed without her support.


These are the people who wish to be a valuable resource, a helping hand in the shift of world paradigm and are ready to overcome challenges together. Now that you know the people behind the project, you can join them and do the changes you want to see in the world! Things will not change alone, but together we can change them!

“We are the people we have been waiting for”