20 -23 July


Why this festival?

The Nordic Permaculture Festival opens up the field of sustainability to a broader public view with a hands-on as well as theoretical focus. The festival is an opportunity for participants from the Nordic countries to gather and exchange information about sustainable solutions from their areas - both on a national and local level. The festival is a rotating event, which first took place in Denmark in 2011. The festival has been in all independent Nordic countries except Iceland and now Iceland is more than ready to host a great event! This festival is an opportunity for all to share experiences, visions, lifestyles, and practical knowledge.

History of the festival

The first Nordic Permaculture Festival was created in Hegnstrup in Denmark in 2011. Ängsbacka course center in Sweden held the festival In 2012. In 2013 the festival traveled to Norway to the Ecovillage in Hurdalen, then to Friland in Denmark, Stjärnsund in Sweden and Isnäs in Finland and now it will be in Iceland 2017!

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a design method that repeats natural cycles in a way that creates yields for humans in ways that does minimal environmental harm. It builds on three ethics which are Earth care, People care and Fair share. In short permaculture is a clever way of working with nature to produce the most with nature instead of abusing it.

Elsa and Anita, PDC Iceland 2015 credit Sif 4.jpg

Iceland this summer

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is held in Iceland this summer near the fishing town Þorlákshöfn. The county has graciously loaned land to Töfrastaðir/Permavillage for the next 10 years, Töfrastaðir is a permaculture organization that spreads permaculture in Iceland. The land is very raw, with lava fields, sand banks, moss and a little grass here and there. In the coming months this land will turn into a magical festival area and the participants of the festival can contribute in the future of this land by adding their touches and wisdom.

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is a participatory festival where the guests are also the workshop holders and keepers of the area. There will be an emphasis on balanced values between the different views within permaculture and tolerance for all. Since the festival location and Icelandic permaculture society is in the starting stages, the focus in workshop selection will be on how to implement ideas and information that helps projects to grow in their early stages. 

Practical matters

We will limit the tickets available to 350 as our infrastructure, ecosystem and associates want to make sure we build up this land right and healthy. 

Price for participation is 111 euros
This includes meals and tenting options
. Bring your own ball and utensils or loan eco friendly sets for a fee on location.
The first 100 to sign up and pay, get tickets at a 20% discount. Workshop holders pay half price until June, but get 15% discount after that.


  • To spread knowledge of practical permaculture solutions.
  • To be a networking forum for Nordic permaculture enthusiasts.
  • To rotate each year between the Nordic countries, enabling as many people as possible to participate.
  • To keep the festival affordable for as many people as possible.
  • To show examples of permaculture on the festival site.
  • For the catering to consist of mainly local, minimum ecological, produce.
  • To be open for everyone independent of culture, age or sex etc, or previous experience with permaculture. Active participation and engagement is the only requirement.
  • To be based on voluntary engagement.

Ready to join?