Sandar Suðursins is an ecosocial land based project that takes place on 8.2 ha of lava field close to Þorlákshöfn. The lava is covered with black sand and a few patches of lupine; a great nitrogen fixing plant that helps us build up fertility. The aim of the project is using what society disregards but can easily be turned into resources to enhance life on our land. We use regenerative gardening techniques based on permaculture design.



Create a food forest with ample yields.

Set up a great place for events that help people connect to nature.

Offer a space to host educational events.

Develop and prove methods to create value from what society throws away.


Branch ups

We need to build up fertility on the land. The first step is setting up mounds we call branch ups. Branch ups are branches taken from the county disposal site that we prepare in a specific way. Then we add a lot of compost and the branches will start to break down and create soil. In addition, these mounds shelter us from winds and we control the water flow of the area. After one year the mounds have broken down enough for pioneer plants to be planted and the mounds become a home to plants that will create a fertile ground and possibility for bigger plants to thrive.

Raised pallet beds

We will build raised grow beds with transport pallets as frames, using one year old compost as the grow medium and other organic materials at hand. These grow beds will be set up to attract earthworms and to compost the food scraps that are created on site. It is possible to grow plants directly in the grow bed while adding compost to it. Earthworms can thrive most of the year because a pipe goes into the grow bed and feeds the earthworms below the root area.


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