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The Nordic Permaculture Festival is held in Iceland this summer near the fishing town Þorlákshöfn. The county has graciously loaned 20 ha. of land to Töfrastaðir/Permavillage which is a permaculture organization that spreads permaculture in Iceland. The land very raw, with lava fields, sand banks, moss and a little grass here and there. In the coming months this land will turn into a magical festival area and the participants of the festival can contribute in the future of this land by adding their touches and wisdom.

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is a participatory festival where the guests are also the workshop holders and keepers of the area. There will be an emphasis on balanced values between the different views within permaculture and tolerance for all. Since the festival location and Icelandic permaculture society is in the starting stages the focus in workshop selection will be on how to implement ideas and information that helps projects to grow in their early stages. 

We will limit the tickets available to 350 as our infrastructure, ecosystem, and associates want to make sure we build up this land right and healthy. 

Workshop holders get 15% discount. 

From the 10th of Julypresale closes and the price is 111 euros without food but 166 euros with food for the whole festival. 

It is possible to buy day tickets:

  • First day (Thursday, 20th): €33 
  • Second day (Friday, 21st): €55 
  • Third day (Saturday, 22nd): €66
  • Fourth day (Sunday, 23nd): €55


Volunteer and workshop holders options are explained here:


Participants, sign up here